Thermal Biofeedback

Thermal Biofeedback: What is it and How does it Work

Thermal Biofeedback or temperature biofeedback refers to a process whereby through the use of biofeedback equipment, and in this case a thermometer utilising a thermistor / sensor attached to a finger, you can become consciously aware in real time of changes in peripheral skin temperature.

Through utilising the biofeedback information, you can gain a degree of control over the temperature of your hands initially, and correspondingly due to the physiological processes initiated by those changes, a degree of control over certain problematic symptoms.

Biofeedback readings should be taken in a room of ambient temperature where you are neither hot nor cold. The temperature of your hands will usually reflect how tense or relaxed you are, because when you feel tense or stressed, blood is diverted from the surface area of the skin inwardly to muscles and major organs, this is due to a mechanism known as the fight or flight response.

The fight or flight is quite a primitive response inate in all of us, and is triggered when exposed to either direct threat or danger or perceived threat or danger, even when the threat may be much more indirect, such as being in financial difficulties, or suffering the breakup of a relationship etc.

So not only is gaining a degree of control over these processes through thermal biofeedback useful in relieving stress, it can also be useful in gaining relief from problems such as tension headaches, and other conditions such as Raynaud's syndrome or 'white finger' as it's more commonly known, and also many more conditions.

The Temperature Biofeedback Digital Numeric Thermal Trainer can be used for this process.