EMG Biofeedback

EMG Biofeedback: What is it and How does it Work

EMG Biofeedback or Electromyograph(y) Biofeedback refers to a process whereby through the use of biofeedback equipment, you can become consciously aware in real time of electrical changes in muscle activity.

As a muscle is being used it contracts and electrical activity increases, as the muscle is relaxed and is no longer being used the electrical activity decreases, the electrical activity is measured in microvolts.

As you become consciously aware through the biofeedback readings of the electrical activity in a specific muscle, you can begin to gain a degree of control over the muscle itself, by either tensing or relaxing it more, appropriate to whatever the problem is.

This can be useful in reducing problems such as incontinence or anxiety, and quite a number of other problems too, but as with all problems whether physical or psychological, it is important to have whatever the problem properly diagnosed by your GP or physician before consulting a qualified biofeedback therapist.

You can find a qualified biofeedback therapist in your area, although with problems such as incontinence, biofeedback equipment such as the Simplex Biofeedback Pelvic Exerciser (EMG) (picture above) is designed for home use. The pelvic exerciser measures the strength of the pelvic floor muscles by the pressure they exert.