ThoughtStream Biofeedback

The Thoughtstream GSR Biofeedback System is a biofeedback unit you can use at home to achieve relaxation, it measures galvanic skin response, generating biofeedback information either visually or through an auditory tone, whichever you prefer.

ThoughtStream GSR Biofeedback System, Buy Now

If you are using 'visual' biofeedback the display on the unit starts off all red, your aim is to turn the display to all green as you progressively relax more and more, if you are using the auditory tone to achieve relaxation, you simply learn to lower the pitch of the tone as you use the auditory feedback to progressively relax more and more.

Although the ThoughtStream GSR Biofedback system is a fully featured stand alone unit, and it and doesn't require a computer to operate it, it can be connected to your PC (windows) for the purpose of graphing and comparing your relaxation sessions.

The system includes:

  • Control Console
  • Headphones
  • USB Cable
  • Manual
  • Carry Case and warrant Card

Requires 3xAA alkaline batteries (not included)