Biofeedback For Stress

Biofeedback for Stress: How does it Work

Biofeedback can help you to recognise when the stress response is imminent. By becoming consciously aware via biofeedback of the various physiological processes that cause stress to build up you can begin to reverse the process, ideally after practise with the appropriate biofeedback device you can go some way to prevent the stress response building up in the first place.

Build-Up Effect

Stress and anxiety tend to build up when daily levels are not managed properly, the pace and pressures of modern-day life can make you feel as though your stress levels are going through the roof at times, so it's important to recognise when this is happening and take some action to reduce it, because if it is allowed to go unchecked it can develop into illness.

The 'fight or flight response is triggered when you're stressed and at the very least you may get butterflies in your stomach as the whole of your body tenses up, you may also start to feel dizzy or sick.

There are now a number of home or personal biofeedback devices available online to manage and reduce stress, besides the GSR2 Biofeedback Relaxation System (above right) there is also the Thoughtstream GSR Biofeedback System and the emWave Personal Stress Reliever (Silver), or the StressEraser Portable Biofeedback Device.