Biofeedback Pelvic Exerciser

Biofeedback Pelvic Exerciser: What is it and How does it Work

A device such as the Simplex Biofeedback Pelvic Exerciser (EMG) measures the strength of the pelvic floor muscles, and through the 'squeeze and release Kegel exercise' improves the tone of these muscles. As a muscle is being used it tends to contract, and the electrical activity increases, as the muscle is relaxed and is no longer being used, the electrical activity decreases, the electrical activity is measured in microvolts.

'Kegel exercise', developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel, refers to the contraction and then subsequent relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles. Weak pelvic floor muscles can cause incontinence among other things.

As you practise with the pelvic exerciser it monitors / measures the strength and intensity of each 'squeeze', and this biofeedback information allows you to gauge how well you are doing, which in turn allows you to monitor your progress as your pelvic floor muscle tone improves.

You may find The Pelvic Floor by Carriere an informative and interesting book to read.